Player Wishlist

Mordang would like a Shield of Silver Light first off, crossbow of long range, dwarven chain mail, cloak of the walking wounded, and Horned Helm. Thank you

Bierro is hoping to find: Bloodcurse Rod, Leather Armor of Dark Majesty, and Long Sword of Dislocation.

Sativ is looking for Staff of Winter, Brooch of Shielding, Circlet of Second Chances.

Paelian: Gauntlets of Blood (Level 4), Horned Helm (Level 6), Screaming Hide Armor (Level 7), Shard of Merciless Cold (Level 7), Corellon’s Boon of Arcane Might (Level 8), Boots of Eagerness (Level 9)

Player Wishlist

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